Anti Corrosion Paint

    • Corrosion Resistant Coatings
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      Corrosion Resistant Coatings

      High-build Epoxy Zinc Phosphate Anticorrosive Protective Coating Paint
    • Chemical Resistant Coating
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      Chemical Resistant Coating

      -For use in heavy-duty anticorrosive areas. -For steel ortidal range zone of concrete stakes heavy-duty anticorrosion. -For interior circulatory water piles of power plant special strengthening anticorrosion -For interior wall of steel pipes and concrete of Sewage...
    • Glass Flake Epoxy Coating
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      Glass Flake Epoxy Coating

      - For use in the protection of steelwork in all corrosive environments including splashzone areas on offshore structures, wind power stations and cross sea bridge, etc. -To provide excellent long term, anti-corrosive and anti-abrasion protection in both new construction...
    • Anti Rust Paint
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      Anti Rust Paint

      -For use in atmospheric environment protection. -For use at building, chemical plant, paper mill ,bridge approach, etc.
    • Rust Inhibitor Paint
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      Rust Inhibitor Paint

      -For use in atmospheric environment protection. -For use at building, chemical plant, paper mill,bridge approach, etc.
    • Seal Coating
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      Seal Coating

      -For prepared concrete substrates -For seal off thehole of floor
    • Epoxy Zinc Primer
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      Epoxy Zinc Primer

      -For use in all above water areas -Protection of steel structure for petrochemical plant, chemical plant, paper mill and bridge.
    • Epoxy Novolac Anticorrosive Coating
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      Epoxy Novolac Anticorrosive Coating

      -For use in heatproof heavy-duty anticorrosive areas. -For use at storge tanks or pipes of petrochemical plant, chemical plant, etc.
    • Glass Flake Coating
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      Glass Flake Coating

      For use onsteelwork surface of petrochemical plants.
    • Paint Tank
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      Paint Tank

      -For use in interior wall of oil tank and steel pipes antistatic anticorrosive, etc.
    • Corrosion Resistance Paint
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      Corrosion Resistance Paint

      -As high performance coating for offshore structures, petrochemical plants, paper mills and bridges. -Intended for fast cure and for in-shop applications where fast recoating and handling is required.
    • Concrete Coatings
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      Concrete Coatings

      -For prepared wet concrete substrates. -For use on concrete surface of offshore facilities.
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Huisins, established in 2005, is one of the largest anti corrosion paint manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our anti corrosion paint made in China have been widely exported to Asia and Africa and enjoy strong reputation. Welcome to place orders with our factory.

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The company has been developed a series of ship coating products have been passed approval by CCS, LR, and DNV. The coatings systems hold independent intellectual property rights meet the requirements of corrosion on steel and concrete structures in harbors, wharfs, bridges, power stations, petrol-chemicals and civil engineering.


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