Mold Resistant Paint

Mold Resistant Paint

Superfine Weather Resistance Mouldproof Exterior Wall Paint

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●Description:Model: 725-SNW4021

-Superfine Weather Resistance Mouldproof Exterior Wall Paint is a water-based, 100% acrylic resin emulsion paint. It is formulated for exterior surfaces such as brickwork, plaster, cement and is ideal for rendering. It provides at least 3-5 years protection against algae and fungus growth. It is also resistant to alkali, chalking, peeling and excessive color fading.

-Uses:For new or old exterior surface of brickwork, plaster, and concrete, etc.


 Dirt resistance

 Excellent alkali, fungus & algae resistance

Weathering resistance & color retention

Strong adhesion Artificial ageing time is greater than 800 hrs

Scrubbing resistance: more than 8000 times

Technical Index:

Solvent Type: 


Resin Type:

Acrylic resin


Matt(5~6% on a 60°meter)





Specific Gravity:

approximately 1.46-1.47kg/L

Solid Content (by weight)

≥50%(standard sample)

Recommended film thickness per coat:

Wet: 80μm        Dry: 30μm

Average dry time at 77°F/25℃:

 To touch: 0.5-1hours  Recoat: 2-3 hours

Theoretical coverage per coat:


Application Method:

Brush, Roller, or Spray

Dilution Ratio (%, with tap water):

20% (vary depending on application method) 

Recommended Paint System:


2 coats of putty filler

1 coat of anti-alkali primer

2 coats of 725-SNW1000 topcoat 

Surface preparation:

1.Remove all loose or powdery paint residue by brushing and scraping with a stiff fiber brush.

2. Fill any minor cracks with an appropriate filler.

3.Surface should be flat and sanded smooth.

4:Recoat interval should be over 4 hours (depend on touch dry).

5:Shelf Life: 12 months in sealed cans.

6:Life Span after application: 8-10 years on the wall. 

7:Storage: Store in cool, dry and good ventilated place. Temperature range: 0℃-35℃.

Notes for use:

1:Mix well after paint can is opened.

2: To prevent hardening of the paint, the can should be closed during the interval of application. Thinned paint should not be poured back to the original can.

3:Recoat interval should be prolonged in winter. To prevent the surface from erosion and avoid the precipitation of alkaline component, wall surface drying time should be relative long

4:Stop application when temperature is below 10℃, or humidity over 85%.

5:Apply with matching primer for best performance.

6:For information of Manufacture Date, Lot No., Net weight and Expiring Date, please refer to the product label.


1:Use soap and water.

2: Clean all equipment with clean water immediately after use and prevent unused paint from freezing.

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