Stone Paint Primer

Stone Paint Primer

Natural Stone Paint Primer

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Product details

Product Overview: 725-SGX1000

Made by imported high-quality silicone acrylic emulsion and auxiliary. It is a kind of waterborne coatings which meets the requirements of green building materials.


Applied to the exterior wall of hotels, office buildings, government projects, high-rise buildings and other high-end buildings.

Product Information:


Imported silicone acrylic emulsion,environment Friendly Auxiliaries.



Theoretical Coverage :


Drying Information:

Touch Dry:4H. Hard  Dry : 24H.

Pack Size :


Storage condition:

Store in a cool(0-40℃) and dry place, away from the fire source. Can  be stored for 3-6 months in closed storage.

Product Features:

1.Improve the gloss of the wall,making the surface full of tactile feel.

2.Excellent weather resistance.Artificial aging detection time reached more than 1000H,far exceeding the national testing standard of artificial aging.

3.Unique self-cleaning capacity.Strong anti-dirty capability makes the  pretty of the wall be sustained.

4.It is a kind of waterborne coatings which meets the requirements of green building materials.


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