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Interior Wall Paint

Total luxury mercerized latex paint Interior Wall Paint

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Product Description: 725-SNG0200

Waterborne acrylic interior primer preventing paint from erosion by chemicals inside wall. It can be applied to interior wall, concrete and concrete mortar wall.


1.Excellent adhesion
2. High cost-effective performance
3. Easy of application, high tolerance level
4. Help to reduce paint consumption
5. Great anti-cracking 

6.Excellent waterproof and alkali resistance, alkali resistance at 72 hrs, extensive alkaline resistance up to 72 hrs

Technical parameter:

Solvent Type:

Water-base, solvent free products


acrylic emulsion,a variety of additives

For roll & brush:

paint 100 : water ≤ 15

For spray:

paint 100 : water ≤ 20

Dry to touch:

≥60 mins

Scrubbing resistance:

more than 2000 times                                                              




0 g/L

Theoretical Coverage :


Drying Information:

Touch Dry:2H. Hard  Dry : 4H.

Pack Size :


Storage condition:

Store in a cool(0-40℃) and dry place, away from the fire source

Construction instructions:

1. Smooth the applied object surface prior to painting, ensuring it is dry, neutral & flat

and the humidity & PH are less than 10% and 10 respectively. 

 Note: Water leakage positions should be sealed. 

2. Dilution ratio

This product can be diluted by adding clean water with dilution ratio lower than 20%

(the dilution ratio is to be determined based on wall and weather condition).
Construction conditions:

The constructive effect cannot be promised if applied during wet season with cold weather (temperature is ≥5℃ and humidity is≤85%).

Construction Methods: Roller, brush and spray.

Tool cleaning:
Clean tools with clean water after immediate utilization.


1. Work under the environment with well-ventilated condition; 

2. Once the paint splashes into eyes, please immediately clean them and go to the hospital for further advices;

3. Allocate necessary protective articles and labor protection appliances such as goggles, gloves and special painting clothes, etc. in accordance with local working codes; 

4. Do not pour the paint residue into sewer to prevent blockage. Disposal of waste paint shall follow local environmental protection standards



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