Polyurea Topcoat Coating Prices

Polyurea Topcoat Coating Prices

Two Component Polyurethane Spray Paint / Polyurethane Spray Coating UV Resistance Topcoat

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Product Description

A two component performant coating product, used as first layer on metallic surfaces, in a wide range of painting systems (polyurethane, epoxy, alkyd, alkyd urethane). Forms an excellent quality anticorrosive polyurethane film, ensuring the adherence between the surface and the next layer in the painting system. May be applied on: steel, stainless steel, new or aged galvanized steel, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze. Fast dry (2 hours at 23±2°C or 1 hour at 80±2°C). Excellent adherence, flexibility, hardness, impact and abrasion resistance. 


Acid resistant paint takes high performance one component polyurea polyurethane resin prepolymer as main film forming material, inside of the high molecule structure of formed film coating contains large amount of urethane bond, biuret bond, urea ester bond and hydrogen bond which gives coating excellent physical and anti-corrosion properties. Coating dense, with high adhesive strength and wear resistance, can be long-term applied in environment ambient of high temperature 160°C, low temperature -40°C, with high performances of acid resistance, alkali resistance, salt resistance, wet resistance, various chemical resistances.

Recommend procedures


Name of products


Dry film thickness(μm)


One component iron oxide red anti-corrosion primer




Industry cooling system low temperature anti-corrosion coating




Industry cooling system low temperature anti-corrosion coating






Note: painting 2 or 3 times is allowed

Scope Of Use

·Parking decks

·Bridge decks

·Industrial floor


·Service stations

·Chemical plants

·Metal treatment plants

·Machinery service areas

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