Polyurea Two-Component Coating

Polyurea Two-Component Coating

Non-solvent Epoxy Intermediate Paint

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Product details


Physical Parameters:



Material base data(25℃,60%RH)


Mixed material Data(25℃,60%RH)

Viscosity of mixed: 650MPaS

Mixing proportion (excluding sand): 1.05

Potlife: 25min                             

Walking Opening time: 16hr

Overload Opening time: 3days

Recoatable time: 8hr

Operation time and temperature relation


Material physical properties after curing



Construction prohibited when humidity is greater than 90%RH;

The material is easy to heat up and accelerate in the barrel, so the material must be dumped on the ground before starting the batch scraping construction.

User's guidance: 

Mix the two ingredients strictly in proportion and stir well; Trowel construction; According to different thickness requirements;

Need to add sand powder with different orders on site to meet the requirements. For specific operation, please consult the business personnel;

In order to ensure good anti-heavy load capacity, please control the amount of coating above 0.6kg/m2.


Ideal storage conditions is 10-35 ℃ in cool and dry place, avoid sun exposure and prevent crystallization at low temperature.

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