Swimming Pool Waterproofing

Swimming Pool Waterproofing

Polyurea Waterproof &Anti-slip Coating For Swimming Pool Projects

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Product details

 Technical scheme

1Coating materials characteristics

Product Name


EP1304 Primer

To improve the strength of concrete, the concrete base material has good sealing effect, improve the adhesion of coating and concrete


Polyurea Elastic Under coating

1, High tensile strength, good elasticity, low temperature retention rate is good, solid with close to 100%

2, With a very low temperature environment, the waterproof effect is good, flexibility is not the obvious characteristics of the crack

3,Insulation: with a low thermal conductivity of the characteristics (about 1/10 of the common waterproof material)


Polyurea Elastic Topcoat

The weather resistant surface layer added polyurea anti-skid material, adhesiveness, excellent weathering resistance, easy construction, beautiful appearance, has certain elasticity.


Polyurea Elastic Anti-slip Varnish

Anti slip performance, strong adhesion, no discoloration, no powder, no shedding, anti slip effect. Safety, non-toxic, does not cause any harm to the human body

2、Technical indicators

Drying Time

Touch dry h

0. 5

Hard Dry h




Weather resistance test

1500h,The coating has no obvious discoloration and powder, no bubble and no crack.

Tensile strengthMPa


Elongation at break%


Tear strengthkN/m


Low-temperature bending test,


Wear resistance g(750g/500r)


 Hardness  H


Solvent resistant, oil pollution, hypochlorite


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