Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy Floor Coating ,Concrete & Garage Floor Coating Industrial Floor Paint

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Product details

Epoxy Floor Coating

Features & Benefits

1.Excellent Coverage

Available in a premixed colour that is very opaque for even coverage.

2.Excellent Flow & Leveling

Produces a flawless finish with no brush or drag marks.

3.Extremely Durable

Durable Satin sheen formula out-wears conventional floor enamels, resists cleaners and detergents and is abrasion and impact resistant.


Where to Use:


Interior/exterior residential and commercial sites. Concrete, masonry and wood. High traffic areas such as basement floors, patios, steps, porches, and laundry rooms.


Technical Data:
1. Drying Time: 
2. Touch dry: 8-12 hours 
3. Hard dry: 2 days 
4. Compressive strength (Mpa): ≥ 85 
5. Bending strength (Mpa): 35 
6. Hardness (Shore D): ≥ 82 
7. Pencil hardness (H): 3H 
8. Abrasion resistance(750g/500r, g): ≤ 0.02 
9. Surface resistance (Ω): 2.5× 104~1.0× 106 
10. Oil, diesel resistance (60 days): No change. 
11. 20% sulfuric acid resistance (20 days): No change 
12. 20% Sodium hydroxide resistance (30 days): No change 
13. Service Life: 10 years 
14. Shelf Life In Store: 1 year



Store in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place.

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