Safety Instruction

Safety Instruction

Safety Instruction Most paints contain flammable solvents, and some also contain harmful substances which damage to the skin or swallowed / inhaled to health. While many countries have developed rules to regulate identification, storage and use of hazardous materials, but no the uniform...

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Safety Instruction


Most paints contain flammable solvents, and some also contain harmful substances which damage to the skin or swallowed / inhaled to health. While many countries have developed rules to regulate identification, storage and use of hazardous materials, but no the uniform international rules are reached today. Sunrui paint must control and prevent the occurrence of two kinds of risk during storage and application to reduce the risk to an acceptable level.


  1. Health risks, including:


  1. Gas or steam. Including solvent evaporation during the drying process or heating process of the harm after coating.


  1. Liquid in paint. It can be solvent or resin. If accidentally swallowed or inhaled paint spray will harm the human body, if Accidental contact with skin, may induce dermatitis or cause harm to human body.



  1. powder or dust. It is formed during heating process after painting (such as cuting and welding steel painted.) or in the process of blasting.




  1. fire or explosion hazards, including:



  1. Fire hazards during storage or transportation. In addition to water-based paint, most of paint can combustion.



2, Explosion hazards during application. In certain concentrations, flammable solvents mix with oxygen in air can be ignition and explosion.


The following hazards levels are defined, and give preventive measures to be

taken under all conditions.


     General measures can be used:



      Regular, thorough washing hand with hot water or




     Rapid dressing wound


     Do not play cigarettes or eating with dirty hands


     Alert dust or salt spray caused by sanding abrasive or




     Check risks of fire or explosion carefully


     Check the place need for additional ventilation



GB/T 5208

Flash      Point      of


Paint is not Exceeding


Flash point of paint and solvent is described in our data sheets.                                                    


Flash point is the minimum temperature of the burn or


explode when the paint and air mixture reach a certain




If the air temperature close or above flash point, it is


necessary to reduce the solvent concentration to lower


explosion by providing enough ventilation

Recommended to

Wear Gloves.


Solvent  and  other  components  in  some  paint  will stimulate skin. While conventional paints may only cause tentative and minor infections, but Solvent and chemicals in some paint can cause inflammation of sensitive skin.



During the work, coat skin fat, wearing gloves, goggles,


and mask. It must be rid of the habit of wash with solvent.


Coat skin fat and wear protective gloves can avoid skin


contact with paint. If skin is accidentally contaminated by


paint, it should wash with cleanser and then use water to


clean Immediately.



Recommended to

Wear Masks

Masks with filter core can filter dust, salt fog and mist.


Can consider the filter cartridge dust can also consider,


The function of filt dust and solvent can only be used in


solvent no obvious smell. If we can smell the odor of


solvent, it indicates that the filter has failed and must be


replaced with new filters. the working environment with


different risk levels must be equipped with appropriate


filters which noted in the mask and filter manufacturer.



Recommended to

Wear Fresh Air Masks

Harmful substances enter the body by the inhalation of

gas, vapor, dust or mist. Identification of jeopardize level

is called T.L.V, once known as the maximum allowable

concentration (M.A.C). Under the maximum allowable

concentration, a healthy painter can work eight hours

without  adverse  effects.  The  lower  T.L.V,  the  more harmful substances.

Gas concentrations is describe as air (PPM) contained in

per cubic meter, solid concentration is describe as solid

dust (mg/m3) containd in per cubic meter. Our data sheets

show the minimum volume of a safe concentration levelbut sometimes, the volume which reach 10% of the

lowest explosion limit is twenty times of the required air

volume. However in some work, there is no condition to

provide amount of air volume needed by paint shop. At

this time, it is particularly important for painter to equip

and mandatory to use fresh air masks or positive pressure

breathing apparatus to feed into the clean air. The mask

must match with the face.

Containing Highly

and Dangerous

Cover up hands as possible as you can, wear gloves and goggles. Avoid paint sticking to the skin. Provide good ventilation and wear fresh air masks. Immediately replaced coat and shoes after work. Dirty clothes and other items will be separated, remove dirt and wash clothes carefully. Wash hands thoroughly. Handling paint cans carefully, and prevent paint or toxic wastes pollute environment.


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