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Characteristics Of Marine Coatings

1. With good adhesion, good water resistance, chemical resistance and wear resistance, excellent performance, marine anti-corrosion paint can be used under harsh conditions, and has long-lasting anti-corrosion life, Fu-hee anti-corrosion paint in the chemical atmosphere and marine environment, generally can be used for 10 years or more than 15 years, even in acid, alkali, salt and solvent medium, and at a certain temperature conditions, can also use more than 5 years.

2. Thick film, good quality, reasonable price is an important symbol of ship anticorrosion paint.

3. Strong adhesion of ship paint: coating and substrate binding force.

4. The ship paint is efficient and convenient, the construction is simple.

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The company has been developed a series of ship coating products have been passed approval by CCS, LR, and DNV. The coatings systems hold independent intellectual property rights meet the requirements of corrosion on steel and concrete structures in harbors, wharfs, bridges, power stations, petrol-chemicals and civil engineering.


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