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Floor Paint Note

The general coating, almost all made of synthetic resin, the synthetic resin coating must use ketone, alcohol, ester or other aromatic hydrocarbons, such as low ignition point solvent as diluent, solvent vapor evaporation is the coating operation caused by the outbreak and fire and other dangerous accidents of the main reason.

Because of the volatile solvents and lipid-soluble, can be absorbed through the respiratory organs and skin, and its slow defecation, can cause the anus dirty function to reduce, serious, causing cirrhosis, kidney function decline, proteinuria and other phenomena.

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The company has been developed a series of ship coating products have been passed approval by CCS, LR, and DNV. The coatings systems hold independent intellectual property rights meet the requirements of corrosion on steel and concrete structures in harbors, wharfs, bridges, power stations, petrol-chemicals and civil engineering.


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