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Wide-range Use Of Epoxy Floor Paints

The epoxy floor is used for functional flooring from the beginning: such as anti-corrosion, wear-resistant, non-slip, the development of general-purpose industrial flooring; In addition to functional requirements, but also has decorative effect, in the industrial floor to obtain a wide range of applications, on the basis of the continuous improvement of people's living standards, has been in the family decoration has been widely used.

Epoxy flooring has become one of the fastest growing building materials industry in China, attract the attention of the public, it is widely used, such as various types of industrial plants: Electronics factory, Electrical factory, food factory, beverage factory, pharmaceutical factory, chemical plant, cosmetics factory, packaging plant, textile mills, clothing factories, plastic factories, warehouses, channels, offices, car parks and so on.

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The company has been developed a series of ship coating products have been passed approval by CCS, LR, and DNV. The coatings systems hold independent intellectual property rights meet the requirements of corrosion on steel and concrete structures in harbors, wharfs, bridges, power stations, petrol-chemicals and civil engineering.


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